The FIRSTAHL brand and logo is owned and operated by Heaven's Ark Enterprise, LLC, 9901 Brodie Lane, #169-949, Austin, TX 78748.

FIRSTAHL is America’s one of the most trusted sources for industrial supplies and safety products. We proudly serve businesses, big or small, with our high-quality products and services they need. At our store, you will find a comprehensive catalog of safety products and industrial supplies available at unbeatable prices. Whether you are looking for Personal Protective Equipment for your industrial workers or Face shield for your healthcare employees or temperature screening camera for your workplace, we have your A-Z needs covered.

Being one of the most renowned and trusted distributors of industrial supplies and safety products from top manufacturers, we employ a world-class supply chain, which helps you receive the ordered products in as little time as possible within the US continental. We back our products by 24/7 customer support and technical support by experts. Your safety and seamless experience while doing business are what matter to us, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that.

FIRSTAHL provides:

Personal Protective Equipment: We have a complete line of high-quality, durable PPE kits from world-famous manufacturers, such as 3M and others, to keep your workers safe and healthy at the workplace.

High-Visibility Clothes: For workers who work in little to zero lighting conditions, we provide top-quality high-visibility clothes made with high quality, reflective materials to keep them safe from oncoming hazards.

Temperature Screening: We also have no-touch temperature screening devices to help you detect elevated body temperature, which indicates fever, without physical contact. They are critical to use by every business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Disinfectant sprayers: We deliver cutting-edge electrostatic, portable sprayers for disinfectants to help you sanitize and disinfect your space, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dispenser: We also have top-notch soap dispensers to keep your workplace or home hygienic and classy.

Check out our unique category of products you have been looking for and order them in a few simple clicks. Also, feel free to call us anytime if you need help with ordering your products.