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Germ-X® Original Hand Sanitizer - Gallon Refill

I'm giving one star because I didn't get the gallon refill I ordered. After a month of waiting I received several 32 oz bottles. There was no explanation in the box as to why I got all these bottles. If there had been an explanation I would have give the most number of stars because the company cared to tell me what happened.

Great gloves

20x20 kit

Great company to use. I liked the ease to order these kits. I did have to follow up with email as far as eta but I did get my kits in time. When ordering I saw only pictures of the tarp that was part of the kit and it was grey/silver which is what I expected. There was no option to choose a color when checking out either. When my kits arrived they said White on the box. Upon opening them I discovered they were white tarps which was disappointing because I wanted the silver. Needing them I had no choice but to buy silver 20x20 tarp from home depot which made the $600 I paid for 2 kits $800 to get the silver i thought I was getting. Not to mention the almost $800 for the pipes that are needed but purchased separately. Thankfully these kits last a long time so I won't need to purchase again.

Can't give a rating on a product that hasn't been received ...

I have reached out on the Firstahl website, chat feature and by phone, all with no success. The product ordered has not been received. I am looking for either the order to be fulfilled or an immediate refund. After placing the order I received a confirmation email, followed four days later by an email including the tracking number; followed four minutes later by an email with a different tracking number. The tracking # on the first email indicates the order had been cancelled. The tracking # on the second email indicates a label has been created. No updates or communication from Firstahl. Firstahl chat feature has a headline: WE REPLY IMMEDIATELY - I had the chat window open for several hours with no response. Attempted the next day - same result. Very disappointed.

two portions

the order was 2 box, first I get 1 box then second day I get the 2 box.

ONYX 3-IN-1 Performance Winter Parka Jacket with Reflective Tape
Matthew Kotila
Not worth wasting the money

I bought this jacket and less then 90 days it started to fall apart on me. The jacket features a double zipper (which I personally hate) removable hood, removable liner. However I would not waste my money on buying this jacket again. Poor quality workmanship, and its falling apart. After several attempts I finally got refunded partially for shipping cost as it arrived later then what they stated it would and after several rounds of emails the company Firstahl finally agreed to return jacket and send a replacement. I would stay away from this company and jacket and just order one from Galls where customer service is top notch. You call the number this company lists and it goes to who knows where but they say they are in California. I doubt it very much. This company probably ships out from California, but i doubt they have an office someplace there. Dont waste your time or money on this order a quality jacket someplace else

No show package!!

I ordered this harness and even paid extra for shipping, they automatically took my money and I have never seen the harness! I have emailed the company three times and have gotten no response!! I can’t review a product I never received and money I can’t get returned!

Did not receive advertised product

Got masks made in China not viraloff

Elite BLK Nitrile Gloves-Revised

I am sending an updated review to the prior review where I gave only one star. The company finally got my order figured out and shipped. Everything arrived intact. I have used these gloves before with excellent results. I am only giving 3 stars due to the extra effort on my part to get me order.

A great jacket , super warm for cold weather

I never got my package i need a refound

Vice President

Sent a fake product

classic adult raincoat

good quality for the price

Received quickly and good quality

Received quickly and good quality

Not nice

They advertise 2 per package but only give you 1. Not nice. Really makes me not happy

All the compliments for this coverall because it’s worthy! The material is excellent. I’m very impressed with the way it feels and looks on me. Functionality with style at its best. It is worth every penny!

I have used many coveralls before, but this one is special. If I knew about it, I would have bought it way earlier. Nevertheless, now I have it, and I like its action back for comfort features a lot.

PW59 - Portwest Bump Cap
Victor Gonzales

The color options are fantastic. This bump cap looks exceptionally stylish. I could wear it almost anywhere. The adjustable strap is a plus. Fits perfectly according to my head size.

PW59 - Portwest Bump Cap
Riley Theo

Bow down to the best quality Portwest Bump Cap! It’s super cool and functional. It looks no less than a baseball cap and has ventilation ports for the air to pass in and out. This is one of the top personal protective equipment companies for high-end and top-notch safety products.

One of my co-workers recommended this hat to me. The delivery was prompt, and the quality was impeccable. It provides sufficient protection from the sun and rain. Now I can work effortlessly with this safety hat.

This is it! This is precisely what I was looking for! I can’t praise you enough for this wonderful safety hat. I never leave for work without this hat. I also bought the high visibility apparel for night, and to my surprise, it is also the best jacket out there.

PW80 - Support Belt
Victor Gonzales

I generally do not review anything, but I couldn’t resist myself when I received this product. I could feel that it fits and secures the body perfectly as I wore it. I machine washed this support belt, and even then, it didn’t lose its quality. Truly Amazed!

This support belt is powerful! Provides ample support to the lower back, so there are no chances of experiencing discomfort when working. I highly recommend purchasing this and other first aid kits and refills supplies in the USA from FIRSAHL.

I have been through countless support belts but this is by far the best I have used. If you have a bad back, you definitely need this in your life!

PW80 - Support Belt
Dagher Kadyrov

I use these vests when I am working on onsite projects. The multiple zippered pockets on these safety vests are a HUGE plus. Was shipped to me super-fast too.