N95 masks have quickly gone on to become an everyday item for us, courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us don’t step out of our homes without them and spend a significant sum every month to replenish our stock.

But did you know that most of the masks with the tag of “N95” on them are counterfeit? That’s right.

In February, the Department of Homeland Security hit upon more than 11 million counterfeit N95 masks meant for first responders and healthcare workers.

Because of the extremely high demand for N95 masks for sale online in the USA, fake masks have taken over the market. They are readily available, for frontline workers and the public. However, counterfeit masks pose to be a major roadblock in our fight against the COVID-19 virus.

More often than not, these are completely ineffective against the virus and also give the wearer a false sense of safety. In this blog, we will share a few tips to help you to differentiate between fake ones and the real deal:

Check For Certifications

Do you have a plain white N95 mask with nothing imprinted on it, no details at all? It is most probably a fake.

Authentic N95 respirators either have the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s logo on them or its acronym — NIOSH — imprinted legibly in big, bold letters on the outside as well as on the packaging. This denotes that the NIOSH has tested and approved its filtration efficacy.

Your mask will also bear a unique testing & certification code, apart from clearly mentioning in block letters that it’s an “N95” mask.

Check Seller’s History

If you are buying N95 masks for sale online in the USA, carefully read the product descriptions on the seller’s website. Huge price drops in a very short span of time? It is likely that the seller is not an authentic one and is just out to get your money.

Be wary of sellers with websites that have broken links, poor grammar, and several unfinished pages. Plus, if you can’t find contact details on the website, that’s a huge red flag. They are probably trying to make a quick buck amid the pandemic. Ditch them as soon as possible!

In addition to this, keep an eye out for N95 masks which have:
  • glaring spelling mistakes
  • ornamental designs or sequins
  • adjustable loops, instead of bands
  • don’t fit snugly around your nose and mouth. If air escapes from the sides when you speak, you either have a wrong fit or a counterfeit.

Also, does your child’s mask have the NIOSH’s stamp of approval? It’s a fake because NIOSH does not test children’s masks. Steer clear of them!

Keep these pointers in mind while looking for N95 masks. We have an extensive collection of authentic, NIOSH-approved N95 masks that offer a perfect facial fit and filter up to 95% of particles. We also stock disposable medical masks in California for your COVID-19 safety needs. If you have questions about our masks and other COVID-19 essentials, feel free to get in touch with us today.