High visibility apparel is an essential part of an array of professions to ensure worker safety by making them stand out against their background environment. Some common jobs in which wearing high visibility clothing is highly recommended are road construction, heavy equipment operators, warehouse workers, tow truck drivers, school crossing guards and traffic control. Whether it is a safety polo shirt with contrasting tape or enhanced visibility bomber jackets, make it a point to always invest in premium apparel for maximum safety, comfort, and durability.

High visibility apparels for day and nighttime work

There is high visibility apparel for night as well as day. There are jackets, t-shirts, and vests that come in bright, fluorescent colors and are reflective. Reflective vests and jackets are meant for low light conditions and nighttime work environments. For example, road construction workers working during night should wear these apparels. The reflective feature enhances visibility of the workers making them easy to spot.

Usually fluorescent vests and jackets are suitable for daytime work and bright environment and shouldn’t be worn in low light conditions, but there are high visibility apparels that have both the features. These are fit for both work environments.

Benefits of high visibility apparel

High visibility clothing helps workers perform their job better by enhancing their safety. Here are some benefits they offer:

1. Ensuring visibility of workers all the time- These clothes are especially designed to make it easier to spot workers. Where regular clothing blends into the background, a high visibility apparel is distinguishable from far. Have you noticed how shipyard workers stand out among colorful shipping containers?

2. Prevents accidents- In work areas with the presence of vehicle traffic, such as roadside construction, the chances of accidents are more if the workers are not easily visible to drivers. Wearing the right high visibility apparel reduces this risk drastically.

3. Safer working environment- Workers feel safer when wearing high visibility apparel for night or day. This in turn enhances their productivity and boosts morale.

Selecting the right high visibility apparel

In order to ensure that you pick the right high visibility vests and jackets, always remember to buy from stores that abide by ANSI standards. If the apparels fulfill these requirements, they will create a safe working environment for workers.

Where to find

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